Milestones are the BEST!


Being a parent has to be one of the greatest gifts in life. Having this blessing from God makes you realize that this world is not so bad after all. I always said that I was going to be one of those Dads that was hard and rough, did not tolerate crying, and would never cave in to my child. Yeah, that worked out well. Royal is 6 weeks young and already has his Dad wrapped around his little strong fingers. Any little coo or cry I come running to see what is wrong with my baby boy. He is so strong and such a champ and always will be. I want the best for my child just as any parent and want to push them in the right direction.

Seeing all the "Firsts" with a child is so great. We have been doing Tummy Time and working with Royal on his baby gym, though he would much rather lay there and just stare at the window blinds instead of all the toys and colors on it. He has been holding his head up and turning it from side to side on his tummy now. We have also been working on him holding our fingers and pulling up a bit. In the middle of doing that with me last night Royal did something amazing, he pushed him self up on his side and rolled over on his own. AT first he was scared and shocked that he did it, as was I for what I had just seen. I think I scared him more when I then cheered him on and gave him praises.

The picture above is after his milestone movement and attempt to try again were found with looks of "Really Dad? I just want to sit here and try to suck my thumb again." That is another thing that has happened, we have a thumb sucker. The day he found his thumb was a huge thing for Royal. He just needs to learn to keep his thumb straight and he will have it down, so far now he is a knuckle and palm sucker. Baby steps though, he will get it soon enough and be a self soother.

This past Sunday was Easter, which you all know I'm sure. This was the day that was Royal's first time to church to see his Church Family and the fellowship that has been with him in prayer since day one. I thank God for blessing us with Royal, the Church, and always keeping his promises. While we were in the NICU I prayed and asked God everyday to bring him home that day and to help get all the tubes out of him. God blessed us with the tubes and computers to be removed and Royal has been home for two weeks now and while in the NICU I remember seeing in my dream that Royal would be at Church for Easter Service. Back then that was a few weeks away and at first was wondering why we would have to wait that long. I realized then that we need to meditate on the Word more along with praying for and with the families in the NICU. You always have to remember that no matter how hard you think life is right now, God is there with you and has already created a way out of that situation. Praise the Lord for healing my son and allowing us to bring him home with his family and to see the fellowship that is by his side everyday. God keeps his promises, if He says it will be done then it will be done. Meditate and pray on the Word so you can be closer to God and hear what he has planned for you each day.

"5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
Proverbs 10:5-6


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