Royal Surgery – UPDATE 4

Royal is out of his second open heart surgery. His aortic valve was repaired instead of needing to be replaced. Which is a great sign! We're going to be able to see him in an hour. My heart is feeling so light and even though it's gloomy outside today is the most beautiful day in the world, next to the morning that baby Royal was born.


Royal has to go in for surgery again to repair to holes in his heart that happened after the first surgery to repair two holes in his heart. These two new holes were very small but the areas that they were in were going to cause long term issues and needed to be dealt with now while he was here in the Children's Hospital instead of waiting months or years. I am thankful for God giving us the surgeons for this and for blessing them with the wisdom they need to help his heart, even though God is the grand designer and our one true healer.

As humans we tend to worry about everything. We all need to just let go and let God take control. Once you accept Jesus into your heart, you give him your life and He takes control. God and His son, our Savior Jesus Christ, will never do us wrong and will always be with us. I know they are with us and sending their Angels to protect over Royal. He is our fighter and God has given him so much strength. He will over come so much and can handle anything given to him with the Lord on his side. God bless you all and thank you so much for your support and prayers.



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