It has been BUSY and SUPER AWESOME!

That is an understatement of the year. With getting Royal home on the 27th we have been spending all our time trying to catch up on sleep and getting him back into a routine that does not drive us crazy. Trying to get him to be back on a night and day schedule is so hard with three weeks of being in a hospital ICU and someone always bothering AKA checking up on you every two hours is hard to get any sleep. With us home now it is a blessing and I am so grateful for everyone that has helped, supported, and fought along side us all. Royal is stronger then anyone that I know and he is recovering so well. I can't wait for all that God has planned for us and look forward to every next day with Royal.



One year ago today, Logan and I found out we were going to be parents. A few weeks before we had come across the following fortune in one of our fortune cookies. No one could have predicted what we would have to go through nearly a year later. After all we've been through I want to celebrate this day as the beginning of #babyroyal's life and the month that has passed since Royal's first OHS which took place June 5, 2012. Looking at all the images I took the days following the surgeries is hard for me. One day we will look back on them and I will show my son all he's overcome. One day the scar on his chest will be barely noticeable. He won't remember the surgeries or hosptial stay but we will make sure he never forgets why he was there. I used to be an avid writer of journals and I never intended to make IG as personal as it is to me now. With all that's happened since Royal's been born I hope to reach someone who may one day go through what my family has been through. For me, reading the stories the mamas before me have shared gave me hope when our turn to go through OHS approached. Thank you to @mommacupcake, @alexistehpom, @tarynaki_sauce and @lbluemel (on Instagram). I hope I'm not missing anyone else. Hugs to all you heart mamas ♡.




One thought on “It has been BUSY and SUPER AWESOME!

  1. Love the fortune and the whole journey & your honesty & amazing writing BOTH of you. You will recall other “foreshadowing” signs probably and I too have noticed several very telling fortune cookies in my life!

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