31 for 21: Day 3

Instagram is easily my favorite social network and shortly after Royal was born, I went on there to search for other parents who had children with Down syndrome and I found a whole bunch of new IG friends who I connected with right away.

Through Instagram I got a look into the day to day lives of families who have babies and children with Down syndrome.

There are “white picket fence” families, “single moms who rock” families, “gay and Lesbian” families, families from all faiths, families who have one kid with Down syndrome and families who have more than one kid with Down syndrome. It was eye opening to see how beautiful and diverse Down syndrome can be.

I love getting to see babies and children with Down syndrome who are meeting their milestones, learning to walk, saying first words, eating pancakes, going to school, fishing, swimming, going to Disneyland and being ”baby tornados” and destroying their mama’s clean kitchen. Just a bunch of babies and kids doing typical baby and kid stuff.

Slowly I was starting to realize how normal our life was going to be and that none of the myths I had in my head about Down syndrome were true.

Royal would grow up and do all the things my niece and nephew did and do, now that Luna and Alex are 6 and 4 years old and now that I’ve seen all the scrapes they have gotten into I am not so sure I want Royal doing every little thing they did or do.

I have to say, for a while I was scared to see how others were living with Down syndrome, I thought parents of  babies and kids with Down syndrome were going to have more sad days than happy days, and that they would just pretend to be happy in front of the world, but inside they would be crying.

I thought there would always going to be a cloud hanging over my head and that cloud would read “DOWN SYNDROME PARENT” and that everyone I came in contact with would automatically see the cloud looming over me and not want to have anything to do with Royal, Logan and Me.

Except for when Royal was first born and had to spend 25 days in the NICU and then his heart surgery this past summer it feels so good to say we don’t have sad days, we have fussy days and tired days but our life is pretty much like I dreamed it would be with a happy and healthy baby boy in our life, who just happens to have Down syndrome.

So thank you Instagram for showing me that we are just like any other family.


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