31 for 21: Day 4

Xindy is feeling a little under the weather so it is due time for me to add a post to this 31 for 21 and to help in any way I can to spread the word. And of course I take any opportunity to talk about my awesome son, Royal, and the experience we have had in this past year.

When a parent first finds out that their child has Down syndrome they are allowed to handle it however they want. Some cry (I think most), some are at a lost for words, and some freak out a little. We all freak out at first because of all the myths we think about with children and adults with Down syndrome. I sat in my home office and cried for two days when we found out. Now I look back and laugh at how emotional I was and wish I was more educated back then. They myths just consumed me and I sat around wondering how my baby was was going to walk, talk and socialize. I was limiting his awesomeness before he was even born. It took me awhile to change my train of thought for my son and to realize I need to not limit him and rather think of what he will accomplish. The IDSC For Life posted on their Facebook the image below today that just sums up how my train of thought has changed in this past year. I wont lie, but it did take me some time to change my thought and to kill the myths that I thought were facts and I have not looked back.

I remember when the Genetics was telling us of support groups and people to talk to, Xindy and I assumed it would be something similar to what you see in movies for AA meetings. I expected parents to be in a damp basement sitting around a circle telling you their name and that their child has Down syndrome or another special needs. Our first meeting with our wonderful new SBDSA family was at a local restaurant and everyone was swapping typical parent war stories and talking about school, physical therapy, soccer practice, and so much my mind was spinning after that night. I laughed that night and I never thought I would again. Since then I have already started planning out Royal’s high school, college, and pro football career. Where he will be the Quarterback for the Denver Broncos since that is our favorite team.

Doctors told us “Royal wont be able to do this or that” and he is already proving them wrong. Maybe the doctors tell us this to make it that much greater when he does or scarier they are living in an out dated world with old information about Down syndrome. Take it back one year and when I Googled “Down syndrome,” the results scared me so much. You Google that today and it is a new world from a year ago. You see actors, fan sites, links to The National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS), and many more positive and up to date information on how great a child with Down syndrome will be.

I look forward to Royal’s future and I know he going to be the man God intends for him to be. I thank God everyday for making Royal exactly as he should be, perfect.


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