31 for 21: Day 5

Instead of two creases across their palms, people with Down syndrome frequently have a single crease. Royal has this and when Xindy told me about this I don’t know why but I love it. I love looking at Royal’s hands and seeing the single crease on his hands. I love every part of my son. His huge feet, long legs strong arms, clammy hands, and rock hard head. Though his hands are by far my favorite. I read that the single crease is due to him clenching his hands in the womb and that made me realize he my child. Not even a stress in the world yet and he is already wound to tight and clenched up for a fight. Or that is what I use to think. Now I watch Royal just being carefree and learning what he can. He takes in so much each day and I can see when he is learning something new. That is the most amazing thing to witness.

With all everyone, whether they have Down syndrome or not, we are all different but have similarities. Royal and others with Down syndrome have the single crease in their hands. My grandmother, younger brother and I have webbed toes (weird I know and yes that makes me Aqua Man). We are all different in our own ways. That is what makes me, me and Royal who he is and will be. No child with Down syndrome is the same and no child with out it is the same either.

Always remember we are different in our own way, if we all where the same, that would be a boring world. I like this crazy different world we are in.


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