31 for 21: Day 11

Down syndrome and Low Muscle Tone

When I first learned that Royal was going to be born with Down syndrome, one of my biggest concerns was “will he be able to ride a bike?”

Babies with Down syndrome often are born with hypotonia, which is low muscle tone, this means babies with Down syndrome will require assistance with learning how to sit, crawl, and walk.

Babies with Down syndrome will be able to reach all their milestones, but they may reach them a little later than their typical peers.

The good news is that physical therapy is available for babies with Down syndrome so that they reach their full physical potential.

Royal has been receiving physical therapy twice a week, since he was 4 1/2 months old and he will continue to receive physical therapy until he reaches the milestones and goals that his therapist has laid out for him.

We are so grateful for this service provided to our family, one day Royal will be able to run and play, participate in sports and even learn how to ride a bike.


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