31 for 21: Day 13

31 for 21: Day 13

“People with Down syndrome are so happy all the time!”

That myth always gets me. When we first started telling friends and family most of the time that is what they would say. So does that mean typical people, including myself, are not truly happy? If that was the case, then don’t you think everyone would want Down syndrome? I can tell you for a fact that Royal has a wide range of emotions even at 7.5 months old. Just like all babies, he cries, yells, laughs, and sometimes just wants to cuddle or even just left alone.

People with Down syndrome share the same emotions that we all do and express them in the same ways we all do. Royal and others are happy because they are loved. If you are not happy, then go get a hug from your Mom. Royal has cried and been upset a number of times, but knows he is loved and we know he loves us. He reached out for Xindy last night and for myself this morning wanting to be picked up to cuddle. Mettled my heart right then and there. He is happy because he is loved and he has an attitude when he gets frustrated, just like me.


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