31 for 21: Day 16

31 for 21: Day 16

Local Support

I highly recommend for anyone with a family member with Down syndrome to go to your local support group. I know when someone says support group you think of crying group or gloomy rooms with sadness, or at least that is what I expected when we were first told about them. I expected to be like a movie AA meeting in some dank basement with smoked filled room and families going around the room saying “Hi, my name is Logan and my son has Down syndrome. Completely opposite of that was the first time we met with the South Bay Down Syndrome Association (SBDSA.org) at a local restaurant. My head was spinning after talking with them all and I left with the biggest smile on face.

Take sometime and do a search for a group in your area or use the resources that National Down Syndrome Society has for finding a group HERE. These groups will become your greatest resource and friends. I consider them all to be family and learn from them daily. If someone in your family is having a child with Down syndrome, I highly recommend for you to stop thinking about the myths, do some research and come talk to your local group.


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