31 for 21: Day 19

Extra Chromosome = Extra Cute

There was a time back when I first received Royal’s diagnosis where I thought, he wouldn’t be cute, I thought, being out in public would result in stares.

You know the kind of stares that hurt. The stares no one likes to talk about, the stares because he would be different.

All the dreams I had of dressing up my baby in cute little outfits and snuggling him in my arms as a newborn, parading him around on my hip as an infant and having to chase after him as a toddler, went out the door, as I sat in my bed, I was on bed rest at the time, I tried my best to imagine how I would be proud of someone with Down syndrome.

My baby with Down syndrome.

Flash forward almost 8 months later and those thoughts seem so silly to me. I almost cry from shame that I even had those thoughts, you know why?

Well it so happens that MY BABY, is the cutest, silliest, feistiest, and most beautiful baby I have ever laid eyes on.

I am so proud when I go out to the store, and get stopped by grandmas, little kids and nice gentlemen who say what a cutie he is.

Royal makes me so proud to be a mama, he makes me want to shout out loud, “I love someone with Down syndrome!”

Because I do.

And if you want to see just how gorgeous he is, you can take a look at our family portrait session.

You can find it here, http://www.pictage.com/1336069

Disclaimer, every image is my favorite.

Thank you to Kelly Segre Photography for capturing the spirit of our family.


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