31 for 21: Day 22

Typical Kids

Last month, we attended our first play date hosted by our local Down syndrome group.

I had really been anticipating this day, our group, the http://sbdsa.org hosts play dates through out the year and up until now we were not able to attend any of them.

With Royal being too small at first, then his surgery and recovery this past summer, we were waiting for the right time to introduce our baby boy to our group.

Logan and I have met with the SBDSA several times now and we have monthly gatherings and the kids do not attend the get togethers, we have heard our new friends share their stories and have seen pictures and videos posted on Facebook but I had yet to actually meet any of the kiddos, so you can say I was a little excited.

The day of the play date, Logan and I walked through the park, it was a nice Saturday and there were so many families out and a ton of kids.

Which one of these groups of parents and kids was our group?

And suddenly, I spotted them, our group and their beautiful kids. There was gorgeous, blonde, Ryder, who has the bluest eyes I have ever seen, he was in the middle of the group, little Mason, who had just started walking a few weeks before, I saw his first steps on FB. Katie, the daintiest buttercup of a girl, she came to sit by Royal and I and later on shared pretzels with me, and Tyler who was busy climbing up trees.

And there were so many more.

Taking it all in made me choke up, not because I was sad, but because I was happy, that day I saw kids with Down syndrome and their brothers and sisters with out Down syndrome, enjoying a day at the park, all playing together, all included in the same games, all having fun.

This is what I want for my son, I want for him to have friends with Down syndrome and friends with out Down syndrome, including him in play time, in story time, in snack time.

I am looking forward to more play dates with our group, and watching our kids grow up to be like typical kids everywhere, with the same chance as everyone else to have a bright future.


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