31 for 21: Day 25

We Are Family

Yesterday, Logan shared about congenital heart defects and the 50/50 chance a baby with Down syndrome has of having a heart defect.

A few weeks ago, I met a mom through Facebook. Her little one was also born with a heart defect, the same defect Royal had and we started talking.

We shared our diagnosis stories and we talked about the upcoming surgery her baby would be having.

Open heart surgery is scary, saying those words aloud are scary, hearing a surgeon explain how the surgery will be performed is scary.

Yet, no matter how much a surgeon goes on and on about the details of the surgery, his impeccable track record and how 2/3 of his patience are under a year old, there is no comfort as great as hearing another family, whose been through the journey, share their story. Letting you know that all you feel is normal, all the fears, the heartaches, the stomach wrenching images going on in your head because, at one time, they were in your shoes.

Going through Royal’s surgery with all the support we had from our family and friends helped us get through our long hospital stay.

However I don’t think I would have ever made it through the tough days, if it wasn’t for the one sweet mama who listened to me, heard me cry and let me be honest about my fears, she brought me comfort and gave me pep talks when I needed them the most.

She was familiar with everything I was feeling, she had been there before. She became family.

She was on this journey before me and like my new friend, there will be many after us, and as our babies thrive and grow, so will our new family.


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