31 for 21: Day 27

I am sitting here typing this out and I have no idea what to talk about tonight. It seems that these days are just moving in super sonic speed and I cannot keep up. I spend all my time playing with Royal and then realize it is time to feed him and get ready for bed.

Being a parent is a juggling act and never fully resting enough. If there is some magically way, please let me know. For now I really am enjoying the circus act we call our life. When I first found out about Royal I was scared excited and then when we found out about the added surprise of Down syndrome along with the heart defect I was a little thrown off my rocker as you all read in previous posts. I always kept thinking that my life would not be typical. Whatever that means.

Nothing in life was cookie cutter from Perfectville and I am so thankful for that. I thank God every day for protecting me when I did something stupid growing up and all the journeys I have had so far. Those are what have made me who I am today and I look forward to being part of Royal’s journey in making him who he will be. So far the Hollidays are crazy, fearless, smart-a$$, nice, fun, and stubborn. Royal is a few of those already and I am so glad he is not a cookie cutter kid from Perfectville.

What makes us different is what makes this world so great. Embrace your unique different parts and run with them, just not with scissors.

Thanks for reading this random nights of rambling from men.


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