31 for 21: Day 29

8 months

Royal is 8 months today, this year is going by so fast.

I knew this feeling of having time fly would eventually reach us.

As of today, our baby boy, is 13.2 lb. and over 26.5 inches.

Looking back to his 25 day stay in the NICU and his 22 day stay at CHLA, I recall the feeling of time dragging by and thinking Royal would never come home and start doing the things that babies do.

We used to have to drive up to LA every two weeks to visit his cardiologists, then the visits became monthly and every visit, his doctor would evaluate his weight gain, his growth, and listen to his heart.

His cardiologist is the one who recommended that Royal have the surgery at the age of three months instead of waiting for him to be 5 or 6 months. His cardiologist would let us know which of the four medicines he was on could be stopped or which ones we needed to increase in intake and dosage. He has expressed concern for Royal’s lack of weight gain and has shown approval for Royal’s new found energy.

He has seen us through the thick and thin and he has seen our ups and downs. He has always been honest with us and mentioned to me how hard, it can be to see ones baby not do so well and yet, he notices how we keep a positive attitude.

Aside from his monthly cardiologist visit, Royal also had an echogram this morning. An echogram is an ultrasound of the heart. I was a bit concerned that Royal would be a wiggle worm and give the tech a run for his money but surprisingly he laid there without fussing, he kicked his legs some and tried to grab the device the tech guy was using on him, but overall he was so well behaved.

Our doctor, had us go back to his office afterwards, to hear the results of the echogram. There were a few pesky thoughts of doubt running through my head and I was preparing myself to hear some bad news.

Now Royal hasn’t shown any signs of going back to his pre OHS days, he is full of energy, his appetite is enormous, he is gaining weight and is growing. I don’t know why I had an inward fear that maybe his heart wasn’t working properly.

Well today’s visit showed that Royal’s heart is working as well as a normal heart should, he does have a minor leak but that is not uncommon. He no longer has high blood pressure and he is down to one medicine now.

The best news of all was that our next visit will be three months from now, so we wont have to go back until the end of January 2013.

My heart was so glad and I was so relieved, I cried right there in the office, happy tears of course.

Today was a milestone in itself.

So here’s to the next three months of having happy, healthy days and knowing that the next time we go visit the cardiologists, Royal will be almost a year old.


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