31 for 21: Day 30

21 Things About Royal

One of the blogs that I like to read is called, Meeting Lauren. Lauren’s mama had a post two weeks ago and I absolutely loved it, it inspired me to write a similar post.

Here it goes.

1. Royal was born on his original due date, Feb 29, 20212, making him a leap day baby.

2. Royal loves to eat, he eats, sweet potatoes, avocado, pears, apples, zucchini, and has tried, chocolate frosting, wedding cake, french fries and chicken.

3. Even though, he acts like a monkey at times, Royal does not like bananas.

4. Royal loves his Au Pair, Lil’ Mi$$, the family cat.

5. Royal loves to ride in cars, he especially loves freeways because there are no red lights.

6. Royal is a water baby, he loves splashing around in the bath tub.

7. Royal is officially too long for his bath tub and he will have to start using the big tub soon.

8. Royal is the first Holliday boy to be born in 24 years.

9. Royal has the sweetest cheeks his Papa & Mama have ever kissed.

10. Royal loves gadgets, just like his Papa, so far the iPhone is his favorite.

11. Royal has a favorite blankie, it is the one we brought him home from the hospital with the second time.

12. Royal is a thumbsucker.

13. Royal also likes to eat his toes.

14. Of the Fab Four, Royal likes Paul McCartney the best. George Harrison is a close second.

15. Royal’s name was inspired by the Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack, and the intro song “Hey Jude”

16. Royal’s hair has never been cut, and it has naturally taken the shape of a baby mullet, seeing that his Papa is a redneck from the Midwest.

17. Royal is half Mexican, the better half that is.

18. Royal has a sidekick, named Kiki the Monkey, who goes everywhere with him.

19. Royal doesn’t know Karate but he knows Crazy.

20. Royal can roll from one side of the living room the the other, in the blink of his mama’s eye.

21. Royal was born with Down syndrome and his Papa and Mama love him for it.


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