An Ordinary Post

It has been over three months since I have written a post.

When Logan started Royal’s blog it was mainly to share our little boy with our friends and family and to keep everyone up to date on his hospital stay when he had his surgeries last June.

It was not my intention to have “another Down syndrome” blog. I felt that label would be too much pressure to keep up with, which I felt during our 21 for 31 posts this past October.

Thank God for Down syndrome blogs, I have dozens of blogs about Ds that I follow daily and there are parents out there that I look up to who have been on this family journey long before we came around. I admire those parents and look up to them as a voice within the Ds community.

I too want to share my voice with my community, my voice involves being a new mom and a wife, who, loves to try out new recipes, appreciates street fashion, enjoys old time music, adores art history,  has dreams of moving back to the beach and who is always on the hunt for a good score at Goodwill.

This is part of who I am, little bits that piece together the bigger picture, a momma loving her little boy, who happens to have Down syndrome.

I love being part of the Ds community but I don’t feel like my whole life revolves around Ds.

I never pictured life to be so normal, after Royal was born almost one year ago, yet it is.

Down syndrome is part of our lives and there are days when we realize it more than others, such as PT days, and days when we have more than one doctor appointment. The flip side to those days are the ordinary days, like the time we wrapped up Royal in two blankets, right after his nightly bath so we could take a peek at Santa passing down our street (okay so that may not be ordinary). Or our Saturday morning donut runs and the afternoons we wait for Papa to walk through the door, after a long busy day at the office.

Logan and I are proud parents of a healthy, happy, brilliant son, who has given us the gift of seeing the world with wondrous eyes.

These are the days I want to remember and the days we will share on our blog.


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