15 Months

Royal at 15 MonthsRoyal is 15 months old today.

He is 20 lb.. and nearly 30 inches long.

He is a happy and healthy toddler, with an expanding vocabulary.

He says “up” when he wants to be held or picked up.

And my favorite, he says “mama”  it is the sweetest word I have ever heard, when it comes from his pursed, pink lips.

He says “mama” when I set him down in his crib and he wants out, he says, “mama” when he is hungry and wants something other than Cheerios, preferably blueberries. And he says “mama” the entire time  he and Papa are out in the living room watching t.v, while I get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday morning.

We are working on new words, such as nana for banana, milk, and “mas” for more. He is such a chatterbox and his sounds and inflections are so funny at times. He and I have intense baby babble conversations. And sometimes we growl, we growl at the cats, at the sky, and each other. I love this age and how fast Royal absorbs everything around him. I see the wheels in his head turning, as he learns new things.

Now all we have to do is work on crawling, which deserves a post of its own.

Happy 15 Months Royal! What a year this has been so far!


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