Family Vacation!


For this past week we have been in the great west of America visiting my side of the family. This was a trip with a lot of firsts. First family vacation, first family air travel, first time for Xindy and Royal to be in my home town/state, etc. The list goes on, but I am so overwhelmed with joy on how wonderful the trip ended up being for us all!

I hate flying, let me just say that I hate it, hate hate hate hate hate. With that I was not thrilled, but did it for the family! We left LAX on a Sunday night with only one melt down from Royal. We had been on the plane for an hour before taking off and I am so glad we were not the only family on the plane so we would not be that family with the crying kid. Everyone had a crying kid and even crying parents. (Blessings to you mother who traveled alone with a two year old and 4 month old!) The ride was smooth and before we knew it we landed at Billing Logan International Airport, we picked it because its named after me of course.  My mother was there to pick us up and shuttle us to Cody, WY where we would spend 4th of July week adventuring around the American West.

Royal and Xindy had a blast on our trip. They both got to meet more of the Holliday side of my family along with where I grew up. Xindy now understands a little more why I did the things I did growing up. A lot of stupid things where done growing up, just because we could and it was the only thing to do in Cody. I had forgotten about how beautiful Wyoming and Montana are as well. It has been about 12 years since I last was in that area and I am in love! I want to pack everything up and move back there as soon as I can. The mountains and people alone are worth the move out west.

For now I dream of the beautiful area and wonderful people and I cannot wait to be back home again. You can also view the images from our trip HERE.


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